Sunday, December 16, 2012

Barbie Fishing Rods...not just for girls!

Barbie Fishing Rod Challenge

A tale of Men and Pink Rods
Nick Dyroff
Nick Dyroff, Creator and Barbie Rod Enthusiast

It is so easy to get caught up in the latest fishing technology. The most advanced rods, indestructible reels and artificial lures that have more science behind them than that used to send satellites  into orbit. Anglers with TV shows looking to hook up with the next sponsor of the latest and greatest fill in the blank.  Sponsors looking for the right publication to place their ads or brand there name. It can all be very frustrating to land in the middle of all of that chaos if all you want to do

The next time you are driving along a beach, on a backwater dirt road or running your boat on the flats, you will notice something different...LAUGHTER. The kind of laughter that comes from the pure enjoyment of casting that 2.6 foot rod and hooking a fish bigger than the rod you are using to catch them. That laughter is known by Dads everywhere when their kids declare, "I got one!!!". Only this time, its the guys that are belly laughing and landing slot reds and trout on their stylish pink rod.

There are more manly men pulling out Barbie Rods from the gun racks of the crew cabs all over Central Florida, leaving their expensive gear behind to gain bragging rights to possess the Barbie Rod Challenge Trophy for one short month. Anglers have had their destiny of fishing with a "buddy" altered to fishing with a "BFF" (Barbie Fishing Fanatic). Oh, it's not just one Barbie Rod...there are those who possess as many as 5 (Nick, you know it's true).

It's not just the guys that are getting in on the fun. More women are proudly casting a country mile with their Barbie Rods as well.  The challenge is bringing couples together on an even keel in the flats and on the banks. Putting the fun back into fishing is definitely an unintended consequence, however it has been a fantastic side effect of the Barbie Rod Challenge.

Well, here's to those who see beyond the glitz and glamor of owning a pink light up Barbie Rod. High fives to those in the angling  community that are taking up a cause that has the potential to become one of the premier charity fishing events in Florida. In the next year perhaps the sponsors that put so much time and expense into technology will get a glimpse of the pure fun it is to fish like a kid. Let's set the bar high and aim to get donations for next Christmas so that more kids can experience the thrill of fishing.

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